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Rachmaninoff – Suite in D minor – piano

Rachmaninoff – Suite in D minor, Lento-Allegro 1891 (piano arrangement from a lost orchestral).

While studying in the Conservatory Rachmaninoff created a score which could not be performed because of the lack of instruments in the Conservatory orchestra. The composer performed the piano version himself and passed the script to Tchaikovsky, which was mentioned in a letter dated 1981. The trace of the score was lost for more than a century and was found only in 2002 in the archive of the Glinka museum, in the collection of professor Siloti, Rachmaninoff’s professor. The manuscript bore the name neither of the composition, nor of the author. But the experts established that it was made by Rachmaninoff and that it was the very lost piano suite D minor. The suite is in four movements: Lento: Allegro moderato in D minor, Lento in B minor, Menuetto in F-sharp major, and Allegro in D major.

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