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Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson – Live (1972)!

Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson – Live! Recorded in Hannover, 1972.

1) Poutin 0:00
2) Sunday 8:12
3) I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good 15:30
4) Perdido 23:15
5) Come Sunday 31:21
6) For All We Know 39:01
7) Cottontail 49:43

A great recording of Ben Webster and Oscar Peterson. Good sound and one could hear the two of them knew each other well. Listening him playing it’s hard to believe Webster died nine months later, September 20, 1973. He gave his concerts that year in some Jazzclubs in Holland. In Dordrecht he seemed tired and stopped his playing telling stories about his experiences in Jazz. It was there I heard him saying “You’re young and you’re are growing. I’m old and I’m going. So have your fun…” A review by Mike Tarrani on Amazon has the headline “Last recording..”

Probably meaning “Official last recording”, because a concert in Leiden on September 6, 1973 is recorded on a cassette-recorder and published as “Last concert”. But the quality of this recording is poor. So I should prefer to recommend the Hannoverconcert as The Official Last Recording.

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