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Manhã De Carnaval (Black Orpheus) Guitar ver. with sheet music

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Manhã De Carnaval (Black Orpheus) Guitar ver. with sheet music

“Manhã de Carnaval”

(“Carnival Morning”) is a song by Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfá and lyricist Antônio Maria.

“Manhã de Carnaval” appeared as a principal theme in the 1959 Portuguese-language film Orfeu Negro by French director Marcel Camus. The film’s soundtrack also included songs by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, as well as her composition by Bonfá (“Samba de Orfeu”).

“Manhã de Carnaval” appear in the film, including versions sung or hummed by both the principal characters (Orfeu and Euridice), as well as an instrumental version, so that the song has been described as the main musical theme of the film. In the portion of the film in which the song is sung by the character Orfeu, portrayed by Breno Mello, the song was dubbed by Agostinho dos Santos.

The song was initially rejected for inclusion in the film by Camus, but Bonfá was able to convince the director that the music for Manhã de Carnaval was superior to the song Bonfá composed as a replacement. Orfeu Negro was an international success (winning, for example, an Academy Award in 1960), and brought the song to a large audience.

“Manhã de Carnaval”‘ became one of the first Bossa Nova compositions to gain popularity outside Brazil. Particularly in the United States, the song is considered to be one of the most important Brazilian Jazz/Bossa songs that helped establish the Bossa Nova movement in the late 1950s.

“Manhã de Carnaval” has become a jazz standard in the U.S., while it is still performed regularly by a wide variety of musicians around the world in its vocalized version or just as an instrumental one. In the U.S., the song is also known as “A Day in the Life of a Fool”, “Carnival”, “Theme from Black Orpheus”, or simply “Black Orpheus”. In France, the song is also known as “La Chanson d’Orphée”. All versions of foreign texts were written by lyricists other than Antônio Maria, using Bonfá’s original music.

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