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McCoy Tyner – New York Reunion (Full Album, 1991)

McCoy Tyner – New York Reunion (Full Album, 1991)


McCoy Tyner, in full Alfred McCoy Tyner, also called Sulaimon Saud, (born December 11, 1938, PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, U.S.—died March 6, 2020, New Jersey), American jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer, noted for his technical virtuosity and dazzling improvisations. Sheet music transcripcions available in our Library.

Track listing

  1. Recorda Me” (Henderson) – 9:47
  2. “Miss Bea (Dedicated to Mother)” (Tyner) – 7:09
  3. What Is This Thing Called Love?” (Porter) – 8:03
  4. My Romance” (Hart, Rodgers) – 6:37
  5. “Ask Me Now” (Monk) – 12:11
  6. “Beautiful Love” (Gillespie, King, Van Alstyne, Young) – 9:13
  7. “A Quick Sketch” (Carter) – 10:36
  8. “Home” (Tyner) – 10:58

New York Reunion is a 1991 album by McCoy Tyner released on the Chesky label. It was recorded in April 1991 and features performances by Tyner with Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and Al Foster. The AllMusic review by Scott Yanow states that “The advanced hard bop music is as rewarding as one would expect”.

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